What are the Most Important Factors in Determining What Vendor You Use for a Project

What are the Most Important Factors in Determining What Vendor You Use for a Project?

  • There are several considerations other than cost that can win you a project. For example, if a contractor believes they will get better quality work, a better schedule and completion date, or perhaps a better overall experience, the higher bidder could be awarded the project. Begin developing relationships as a trustworthy, reliable vendor and you will be rewarded with work over the competition.
    --GC Marketing Director

  • I always go back to ethics. It is hard to determine but the fact is I would pay more for an honest vendor than lose my butt afterward with a dishonest one. Even though it may be cheaper up front that doesn't always means it is in the end.
    --GC Estimator

  • 1.) Technical Qualifications
    2.) Subject Matter Expertise
    3.) Experience in the area(s) being contracted to them
    4.) Supplier base capabilities - not just to "sell stuff" but to act as project managers and coordinators as their products are being accepted and installed
    5.) Financial Stability and adequate financial ability to hire and carry vendors & sub-contractors based on the financial terms and conditions put forth in the contract(s)
    --GC Project Manager

  • I did an internship with a smaller company that selected their sub-contractors by bid price only. There were nothing but issues with almost every one of them, it was a miserable summer. The best projects I have been a part of were ones were the subs were picked based on qualifications, experience, and financial strength. In my experience, the low bid will cost you more before the project is done.
    --GC Superintendent

  • Assuming the vendors materials/deliverable are created equally (quality), then I would look at:
    - Technical spec are clear and understandable
    - Parameters for installation meet the requirements
    - Vendor will meet the date for delivery
    - Vendor is available to answer questions in a timely manner
    - Vendor stands behind their product (warranty)
    - Cost
    --GC Company Owner

  • The number one criterion for me is performance and the second is honesty. If I know I can rely on a specific vendor in crunch time and I can trust that their pricing is valid, we save time and money in the long run. Too many vendors put on the full press at bid time only to disappear after they have the purchase order. It's either that or they start informing you of what they actually didn't have in their pricing. I would advise any vendor to form a partnership with a contractor and be an asset on their projects. It will win you more jobs and grow your reputation.
    --GC Senior Project Manager

  • Warren Buffet may have said it best..."Price is what you pay; Value is what you get." Safety, Stability, Reputation, Prior Experience and Price are all part of the equation.
    --Director of Sales Specialty Contractor

  • I would ask them if they were FROG qualified. Which means they would have been qualified as a company with Fair business practices, Reliable financial standing, Operational excellence and gifted expertise and experience.
    --GC Company President