Omaha Contractor License Renewal

Omaha Contractor License Renewal

There have been a few questions on “what counts as continuing education” for license renewal and “the required City of Omaha training course”.

Jay Davis, head of Building Permitting & Safety in Omaha was asked the following: 1. What qualifies or what is the criteria to meet the continuing education hour requirement for license renewal? 2. How do you document attending the CE hours? 3. When or when will the required hours of City of Omaha training be held or how do we meet that requirement before or after the 12-31-16 deadline?

Jay’s responses:

  1. Right now any training that makes you a better contractor will be accepted (topics on codes, new products, BIM, project management, LEAN, supervision, construction methods, regulations, contract law, leadership, etc.) as long as you can document that you attended. You receive one hour of Continuing Education for each hour of documented program time.
  2. You document your attendance by providing a copy of an attendance roster, sign-in sheet with a date, time and program, completion certificate, etc. You can provide scanned copies of documents.
  3. So far (and this year) the City of Omaha has only provided City of Omaha “required training” for the residential contractors. The Class A/B Contractor did not have a City Required training in this period. So other construction related training will be accepted for the hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Contractor Licensing process is transitioning to an electronic system and as such for this time period ONLY you DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT any documentation regarding your CEUs. Just renew and pay the renewal fee online before 12-31-16 and you will be good to go. During this next year Jay is developing a better guide regarding the CEU criteria and the submission process, along with a City of Omaha required course for ALL License holders in the future. In the meantime, DO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CONTINUING EDUCATION FROM THIS PAST TIME PERIOD. YOU STILL NEED THEM—YOU JUST DON’T NEED TO REPORT OR SUBMIT THEM ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW TO RENEW.