Industry Updates

Industry Updates

2017 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook
2017 Construction Outlook Survey Results

Omaha Contractor License Renewal
There have been a few questions on “what counts as continuing education” for license renewal and “the required City of Omaha training course”.
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Building Contractors be on the Lookout: EPA Lead Paint Survey Efforts Underway
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Nebraska’s Non-Delegable Duties
Why Some Duties Cannot be Contracted Away

By: Kari Scheer,Woods & Aitken LLP

The contracts are drawn up on a construction project. The owner has included contract provisions which state that the general contractor will be solely responsible to for the work and for worksite safety. In turn, the general contractor has included provisions in its subcontract stating that its subcontractor will be solely responsible for all work under its scope and will be solely responsible for the health and safety of its employees. So, the owner and the general contractor will not be liable for an injury to a subcontractor’s employee, right? Not so fast.
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2015 Millennials Survey Report

2016 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook

2016 Construction Outlook National Survey

2016 Construction Outlook Nebraska Survey

Supreme Court Decides Adams v. Manchester Park:
Statutes of Limitations and Express Warranties in Construction

by Erin Ebeler, Woods & Aitken LLP

In May 2015, Woods & Aitken LLP filed a “friend of the court” or amicus brief with the Nebraska Supreme Court on behalf of both Nebraska AGC chapters in the case of Adams v. Manchester Park L.L.C, 291 Neb. 978 (2015). That case involved an appeal from the Nebraska Court of Appeals.
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Warren Buffett Advice on Investing in Relationships

Recently writer William Green posted his ten all-time favorite insights from Warren Buffett. I submit that each of these quotes from the brilliant investor offer supremely valuable advice regarding the investments we all should make in our strategic relationships. Read More

Ted Garrison's May 2015 Report--Best Value and Integrated Project Delivery (IDP) Make Great Partners

In the foreword of the book, 2015 Best Value Approach, by Professor Dean Kashiwagi, Ph.D., describes best value. “Best value leads to lower prices, more qualified vendors, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.” Read More

Ted Garrison’s April 2015 Report--Comparing Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning

Strategic thinking and strategic planning are related, but they are two distinctly different activities. First, let’s look at the definitions. Read More

Ted Garrison's January 2015 Report--One Small Step for Innovation?

Tom Peters has stated, “Tomorrow’s victories will go to the masters of innovation! Period!” That's great, but the challenge is how does a company become more innovative? Read More

Ted Garrison's December 2014 Report--How to Sell Value to Increase Profitability
by Ted Garrison and Neil Southwell

Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, identified the primary cause of the construction industry's low-profit margins. He wrote, "For business, it's no longer enough to create a product that's reasonably priced and adequately functional." Unfortunately, that's what the construction industry attempts to do when it bids work based on price. Read More

Ted Garrison's November 2014 Report--Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

I assume most companies want to improve their performance. The question is, “How to achieve that goal?” One obstacle to achieving that goal results from the belief that only major improvements will produce significant results. Read More

2014 Construction Workforce Summit

Strategic Leadership for Workforce Development in the "New Norm" presented by Tom Emison

Recruting and Rentention Strategies for Right NOW! presented by Chad Thies

AGCA Worker Shortage Survey Analysis

Worker Shortage Side by Side Analysis

Hire Our Heroes webinar

Nebraska Construction Industry Council
by Jean Petsch, Nebraska Building Chapter AGC

The NCIC is ready to get started on its mission! The Council will start work on a two-year business plan on September 3, with the initial support of six construction associations Read More

Amendments To The Nebraska Construction Prompt Pay Act
by Erin Ebeler, Woods & Aitken LLP

On July 18, 2014, amendments made to the Nebraska Construction Prompt Pay Act will go into effect with regard to contracts entered into on or after that date. These revisions were initially proposed in January 2013 (LB 373); however, they were not approved until April 2014 as a part of LB 961. Read More

June 2014 View from the President
by Jerry Huismann, Lacy Construction, Grand Island

For the past six months I have served on the planning taskforce to launch the Nebraska Construction Industry Council to promote construction careers in our state. During the planning process all of us had an opportunity to discover or rediscover what a great career club opportunity SkillsUSA brings to young people in the state. Do you know about SkillsUSA? Read More

Nebraska Construction Industry Council Coming Very Soon
by Jean Petsch, Nebraska Building Chapter AGC

If all goes as planned, the Nebraska Construction Industry Council (NCIC) hopes to have its first council meeting and be underway by early September. Read More

Ted Garrison's May 2014 Report--The Customer Focused Contractor

For a long time, I have argued the contractors should define the term client as "someone under the protection of." At the heart of that definition is the idea that contractors must focus on the client. But how does one do that? Read More

April 2014 View from the President
by Jerry Huismann, Lacy Construction, Grand Island

Greetings to all of my fellow Nebraska Builders! I don’t know about you, but this time of year is always exciting to me. The weather warming up is definitely a welcome change but the opportunities brought by Spring brings joy to everyone who is in the construction industry. Just by walking onto a jobsite, I am sure you will find a little spring in your step and a whistle on your lips! Read More

2013-14 Session of Nebraska Legislature – What Will Directly Affect the Construction Industry?

Ted Garrison's March 2014 Report--
Innovation is a Key to Competing on Value

AGC Participates in Veterans Event at Department of Labor

AGC Releases Workforce Development Plan

What are the Most Important Factors in Determining What Vendor You Use for a Project?

Ted Garrison's January 2014 Report

Ted Garrison's December 2013 Report

Ted Garrison's November 2013 Report

Ken Simonson's October 2013 Outlook

Ted Garrison's October 2013 Second Report--What Contractors Must Do to Compete Successfully

By Popular Demand--2014 Webinar Series from Woods & Aitken

Ted Garrison's October 2013 Report--The Great Construction Industry Myth

Ted Garrison's September 2013 Report--Owners Want and Deserve Transparency

Ted Garrison's August 2013 Report--Strategies to Increase Profitability

Ted Garrison's June 2013 Report--Best Value Procurement

Ted Garrison's May 2013 Report--Lean Construction

From Ken Simonson-AGCA Economist
Reposted from AGCA News & Views, April 30, 2013
Simonson Says: Where Are Wages Headed?
Construction labor costs are rising, after years of little movement. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that compensation (wages and salaries, benefits, and required employer payments such as unemployment and worker’s compensation) for all employees in the construction industry increased by an average of 2.0 percent from the first quarter of 2012 to the first quarter of 2013. Read More

Ted Garrison's April 2013 Report--Integrated Project Delivery

Recent Changes to ISO Standard Forms and Endosements for Commercial General Liability Coverage – Woods & Aitken LLP
On April 1, 2013, the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (“ISO”) began implementing new Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) forms and endorsements. This article will highlight a few of the changes relevant to the construction industry, but it is important to speak with your insurance agent to obtain additional information on all of the recent changes. Read More

FMI's Construction Outlook--First Quarter 2013 Report

Projects in Lincoln--No Contractor Licensing in Future
At the March 21, meeting of the Mayor’s Contractor Licensing Roundtable it was decided that the group was meeting for the last formal discussion due to a lack of interest from the industry. Read More

Union Representation in Construction Slips in 2012, While Earnings Rise
Union representation in the construction industry slipped to 13.7 percent (850,000 workers) in 2012, a decline from 14.9 percent (928,000 workers) in 2011 and equal to the percentage in 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. Read More

Construction Industry Under Attack -- Urge Your Senator to Stand Up for the Construction Industry in Immigration Debate
A bi-partisan group of Senators – Schumer (D-N.Y.), McCain (R-Ariz.), Durbin (D-Ill.), Graham (R-S.C.), Menendez (D-N.J.), Rubio (R-Fla.), Bennet (D-Colo.), and Flake (R-Ariz.) – are working on an important piece of immigration reform – the future temporary worker visa program. Read More

Ted Garrison's March 2013 Report--Blue Ocean Contracting

Ted Garrison's February 2013 Report--Obstacles to Change in the Construction Industry

February 2013 View from the President by Greg Schwalb
Greetings and Happy New Year! I hope you are having a successful 2013 so far. The year has started off at a fast pace and there is cautious optimism for our trade. Hopefully you had a chance to re-energize for 2013 and all of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Read More

Omaha Contractor Licensing Ordinance Information

Ted Garrison's January 2013 Report--Does Your Company Need to Change to Improve Profitability???

2013 AGCA Outlook Survey

2013 AGCA Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Report

Air Emission Construction Permit Requirements for the City of Omaha

AGC-FMI 2012 Business Development Survey Report

2012 Construction Outlook Survey Results for Nebraska

2012 National Construction Outlook Survey Results

NDCIC – Alternative Ways to Design & Construct Building Projects for Political Subdivisions in Nebraska

NDCIC – Alternative Ways to Design & Construct Building Projects for Private Owners in Nebraska

Standardized Subcontractor Documents
Which is best for you? Protecting Your Right to Payment

Guidelines for Nebraska Supplemental General Conditions to AIA 2007 A201

Recommended Procedure for Competitive Bidding and
Letting of Building Construction

Nebraska Construction Prompt Pay Act Presentation – Woods & Aitken